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10 Reasons To Buy A Solar System

Solar systems are an innovative technology, using photovoltaic (PV) panels to convert the energy from sunlight into electricity.  Using this technology, we can now harness the free and renewable energy of the sun to power our homes and offices.

As technology continues to improve and the prices drop, many Australians are reaping the benefits of installing solar panels.  Over 2 million homes now have rooftop solar systems installed.

If you’re still deciding whether installing a solar system is the right investment for you, we’ve outlined 10 reasons to buy a solar system today.

1. Generate your own electricity

Solar systems provide you with a means of generating your own power; converting sunlight into electricity.

Solar power only works while there is sunlight available for this conversion, so after sunset you will go back to drawing power from the electricity grid.  However, with the installation of a solar battery system, you can store any unused electricity generated during the day, to provide power to your home at night. These systems are becoming increasingly common as the technology behind them improves, and they’re a useful source of back-up power.

Even if you only use electricity at night, you will still gain the benefits of a solar system with the use of a battery.

2. Lower your power bill

Using electricity that’s not drawn from the grid can drastically cut the cost of your electricity bills.  When you use solar, you’re using sunlight to generate free electricity, rather than being charged per kWh to buy it from your energy service provider.

If you use more electricity than your solar system generates, you’ll revert to the grid to supplement your power.  However, by installing a solar system, the typical Victorian household can save $1,000+ per year on their electricity bill.

3. Get paid for what you don’t use

If you use less electricity than your solar system generates, any excess energy will be directed back into the grid, and you will be credited for the supply.

When setting up your new solar system, talk to your energy provider about applying for a feed-in tariff and the rate you’ll be paid per kWh fed back into the grid. It’s a good idea to compare rates between different providers and find the best overall deal.

When you consider that a solar system cuts the cost of your electricity bill, and generates money through feed-in tariffs, it’s easy to see why they’re an excellent financial investment.

4. Beat the electricity price rises

The years between 2008 and 2018 saw a staggering price increase of 117% for power in Australia.A solar system allows you to reduce the impact of these price rises by generating free electricity.

While there is an upfront cost for the resources and labour involved in building and installing your system, the energy itself is free.  The sun can’t be monopolised, and Australia has an abundant supply.  Solar panels still work on cloudy days, so even in Melbourne, there’s enough sunlight to provide power through a solar system.

5. You’re less reliant on the power grid

Since you’re generating most of the electricity needed to power your home or building, you become semi-independent.  You no longer need to heavily rely on a continued supply of limited fossil-fuels for power.

Partnering your solar system with a solar battery can further your independence – and also give you access to power even when there’s a blackout.  Fallen powerlines and severe weather conditions can cause power outages, leaving areas temporarily without electricity.  While a grid-tied solar system will also shut down for technical and safety reasons, you’ll still have access to the stored energy in your battery.

In the event of a blackout, you can keep all the essentials running for a while with the power stored in your solar batteries.

6. Solar Power is better for the environment

Most of our electricity comes from coal, a non-renewable resource that is known as a fossil-fuel.  The process of turning coal into electricity generates carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and it has a negative impact on our environment.

Installing a solar system reduces the demand for energy from fossil fuels.  By drawing your power from sunlight, you are running your home on a greener, cleaner, renewable source of energy.  A 5kW solar system saves approximately 8.6 Tonnes of CO2 emissions a year.

7. It creates jobs

When you buy a solar system, you’re also paying for workers to connect that system for you.

As the demand for solar panels and systems grows, so too does the need for skilled workers to install them.  By going solar, you are supporting the growth of an industry and creating jobs, which in turn boosts the economy.

8. Increase the value of your home

Solar power has so many benefits, and as we move more towards renewable energy, it becomes an attractive feature for potential home buyers.  Installing a solar system is one of the best home improvements you can make to increase the value of your home, and it requires next-to-no maintenance.

People are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and sustainability-focused, which is something that solar power delivers on.  Even to those who aren’t following the trend of greener energy, the ability to save money on electricity bills makes solar an appealing feature.

9. Government rebates and incentives

The Government has recognised the growing need to draw from alternative, renewable sources of energy.  The Victorian Government is offering a rebate to lower the cost of installing a solar system; to encourage households to invest in solar.

Eligible households can currently save up to $1,850 on the upfront cost of the system and its installation. Furthermore, you can also apply for an interest-free loan equal to the amount granted by the rebate, of up to $1,850.  Using a combination of a rebate and a loan allows you to save up to a total of $3,700 off the upfront cost of getting your solar system set up.

If you’re ready to invest in installing a solar system for your home, get in touch with us today for a quote.



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