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Solar Rebates and Incentives Explained

The environmental benefits of installing a solar system are well documented. But for households, there also exist substantial financial benefits in the form of federal and state rebates and incentives.

Why Solar Is The Future?

Want to make the switch to solar energy but not sure whether it’s worth it?

How Solar Can Reduce Your Electricity Costs?

With electricity costs projected to increase throughout 2020 and beyond, more and more people are turning to installing solar panels at their home addresses…

10 Reasons To Buy A Solar System

Solar systems are an innovative technology, using photovoltaic (PV) panels to convert the energy from sunlight into electricity.  Using this technology, we can now harness the free…

Getting Solar Installed During Stage 4 COVID-19 Restrictions

The COVID-19 restrictions have had a major impact on a range of industries thus far, affecting supply chains and the staffing of solar providers and government institutions alike.

How Where You Live In Australia Can Affect Your Purchase Of Solar

The Australian state in which people live in can have a major impact on the purchase of a solar panel system. Feed-in tariffs vary greatly.

Read This Before You Decide to Buy a Solar System

Purchasing a solar system is a significant financial investment, so it’s essential to do your research, rather than make an impulse buy.  Learning about solar

The Benefits of Solar During COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a definitive impact on the solar industry so far in 2020. This is especially true in Victoria where stage four restrictions have affected many businesses and workers until

Understanding Solar Payback Time for Saving Money over the Next 4-7 Years

Solar payback times is the time that it takes for a solar panel system to pay off the initial investment made. In Victoria, it generally takes 4-7 years for a solar

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Solar

There are many options available nowadays when it comes to getting solar power installed at home, but the most important action that people can take is to do in-depth research and begin early.



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